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Join us for the first-ever Cortana Analytics Workshop

  • During this two-day technical workshop you will have the opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s advanced analytics vision, and get architectural guidance and hands-on training on how to build your own apps and custom solutions using the state-of-the-art Cortana Analytics platform and tools. You’ll get to network with other data professionals and have loads of fun, to boot!

Why Attend

  • Discover
    Find out all about Microsoft’s ambitious vision for Cortana Analytics, including core building blocks already shipping today and some of the really cool apps that our customers and partners are creating.
  • Learn
    Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! The workshop features technical talks and hands-on workshops on Cortana Analytics, delivered by seasoned Microsoft experts, customers, and partners.
  • Share
    Connect with other data professionals and technology leaders, share ideas and help shape the future of the Cortana Analytics community.

Who Should Attend

  • Developers
    Developers worldwide are seeing a growing need for practical know-how and training on how to process big data and perform advanced analytics to extract actionable insights. Attend the workshop to learn how to build the next generation of apps that include such capabilities.
  • Data Scientists
    As a Data Scientist, you are already adept at acquiring, transforming and integrating data into your work and at performing advanced analytics. Come to this workshop to discover a new generation of modern platform and tools that are inexpensive, flexible and open source friendly. As the only vendor with one-click capability to put custom models into production as scalable web services, we make it a breeze for professionals like you to get your work into production apps and look like heroes.
  • Business Decision Makers
    Business decision makers are looking to unlock the value of data to gain actionable insights that let their businesses stay ahead of the curve. At this workshop, they will discover advanced analytics applications and case studies based on Cortana Analytics and how it can accelerate their business goals.


  • The cost for the Cortana Analytics Workshop is $250.


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