Microsoft Redmond Executive Briefing Center Government Attendee Registration

We are delighted to host your upcoming briefing at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center in Redmond. An Executive Briefing Program is a valuable opportunity for Microsoft to build and foster relationships with customers. We work together to uncover cost-saving, innovative solutions and maximize current IT investments for your business. In return, Microsoft gains valuable insight to your business needs, learns how we can serve you better and improve our products and services. We welcome your attendance at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center. This is a valuable opportunity for both of us to share ideas, innovate and work together.

In compliance with Microsoft’s government gift and ethics rules, we require all public sector attendees to pay an event registration fee of $30 per registrant, per day to cover the costs of hosting your briefing. This fee allows Microsoft the opportunity to provide you with services and experiences that come with attending an executive briefing.

What you’ll need to register:
  • Briefing ID Number – Your briefing ID number can be found in your invitation letter that you received from your account team. If you are unable to locate it, please contact your Microsoft account team contact.
  • Microsoft Account Manager Last Name

What you’ll do at this site:
  • Create a Microsoft EBC Registration Account with your email and a unique password you designate upon initial registration
  • Designate individual or group registration – You’ll have the ability to register yourself or register all briefing participants
  • Provide a Credit Card for payment (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express)
  • Enter your organization / company name and address

Microsoft and the Executive Briefing Center staff ensure that we – and you - comply with applicable U.S. and international government gift and ethics rules. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact your Microsoft Account Team contact.

We look forward to hosting you at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center.

Please be sure to advise your bank for your government issued card that a payment to Microsoft Events/eventcore should be accepted.

Briefing Information
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  • Account Manager Last Name: *